Staff 2008


Elena K. Holy


Producing Artistic Director

Shelley Burch

President, Board of Directors

Alexa Shaughnessy

Asst. to the Producer

Kevin Bartlett Festival Technical Director

Gregg Bellon

Festival Technical Director


Lauren Walsh

Festival Production Manager

Alexis Auffray Technical Director

Vadim Ledvin

Technical Director

Avery Lewis

Technical Director

Scott D. Mancha

Technical Director





Charlotte Bair


FringeNYC Scheduling Goddess

Becca Bandiere

Participants Liaison

Avi Bonime

Editor, FringeJR Newsflash

Susan Brumley FringeAL FRESCO Director

Vibe Norman Claussen

FringeCENTRAL Manager

Benjamin Cohen Fabulous FringeNYC Intern

Dale Davidson

Marketing Mixologist, Concierge Coordinator

Meggan Dodd

FringeHIGH Director, Scheduler

Scott M. Dwyer Asst. Comptroller
Jessica Edkins Ticketing Manager

Susanna Fischer

Map/Grid Insert Editor

Sharon Forscher Ticketing Manager

Stephanie Garcia

Special Events Associate

Robin Glasser

FringeCENTRAL Manager

Alex Greenfeld FringeCENTRAL Manager

Caleb Hammons

Asst. Industry Liaison

William Herrlich FringeCENTRAL Manager

Joey Hood

Editor, FringeNYC Propaganda

Greg Howell Program Guide Editor
Jill Jichetti Assoc. Editor, FringeNYC Propaganda

Marsha Jones

Ticketing Manager

Avner Kam International Ambassador

Charlie La Greca

Variety Power Hour Host

Jeff La Greca Variety Power Hour Host
Gary Harvey Tech Intern

Garret Lambert

FringeCENTRAL Supervisor, FringeJR Dir.

Marika Kent Tech Intern
Daniel Lewis Tech Intern

Vincent Marano

FringeHIGH Assistant Dir.

Annie Massa Fabulous FringeNYC Intern


FringeNYC dog (Good Will Ambassador)

Mary Ann Medvecky

Industry Ticketing Liaison

Angela Milton

FringeNYC Propaganda Designer

Franklin Mount Managing Ed, FringeNYC Fans/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sarah Nochenson Fabulous FringeNYC Intern
Jay Overholser Online Audience Services Liaison

John Peterson

Marketing Director/Ad Sales

Hiram Pines Participants Liaison

Bonnie Pipkin

Fundraising Associate

George Rand

Staff Photographer

Asher Rapkin

FringeCENTRAL Manager

Emily Ranseen


Stephanie D. Rogers Ticketing Supervisor
Ron Rogers Ticketing Manager

Taty Sena

Volunteer Administrator, Webmaster, IT

Elize Simon

Tech Intern

Maggie Sinak

Tech Intern

Richard Stack

FringeCENTRAL Manager

Norman Sutaria

Podcasting Coordinator

Emily Vallance FringeCENTRAL Manager

Claudia Weinstock

Fabulous FringeNYC Intern

Jeff Witzel

Access Guru

Joshua Young

FringeCENTRAL Manager




FringeNYC Photographer

Dixie Sheridan

Public Relations / Marketing

Spin Cycle (Ron Lasko)

Graphic Design

Emphas!s Design, Inc.

2008 Illustrator JAO

Database Consultant

Tanya Ochs

The Fabulous FringeNYC 2008 Venue Directors
Nicole Brinkley, Allison Caroll, Irene Carroll, Dano Colter, Alexandra Harbord, Sarah Koehler, Michelle Lally, Valerie Lenz, Dylan Levers, Geoffrey Moonen, Treasa O'Neill, Brittany Caitlin Rostron, Krista Sarubbi, Pink Snow, Lara Terrell, Ekavi Valleras


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