FringeU 2013

DISCOVER FringeU 2013 for discussions featuring some of the creators of this year's FringeNYC shows as well as other members of the theatre community. Join us for these FREE panels followed by Q&A sessions and gain perspective on what playwrights are writing about, thinking about, and creating. 



Monday, July 29th at 6:30pm   NPTColorLogo

50/50 in 2020 and The New York Women’s Agenda
Presented in association with New Perspectives Theatre Company 
and the artists of the SEX shows at FringeNYC

A panel discussion looking at various initiatives supporting Women Theatre Artists, including those focused on increasing visibility and achieving parity of representation at commercial and regional theatres. The panel will discuss why this is not just an issue of "artistic choice", but one of employment and economic fairness.


Sunday, August 11th at 6:30pm

A Whole New World

Hear from the artists of the IMAGINATION shows at FringeNYC about how they faced the challenges of creating work which transports the audience to a different reality, while still serving the story. Can plants really talk? Can humanity save itself from itself in a future world? And where do letters never sent actually end up? Come explore how these creative teams bring new worlds to life.
Featuring: A FUTURE IMPERFECT, Petunia, Like Poetry, PUSSY, Still Life and The Office of Dead Letters.


Monday, August 12th at 6:30pm

What it takes to write about family!

Hear from artists of the REALITY shows at FringeNYC talk about their approach to writing real characters based on members of a family (their own and others). Where do reality and fact meet fiction and poetic license? Which events stir the playwright to put pen to paper, and then what happens?
Featuring: Perfectly Normel People, What's an Anjan?, Listen... Can you hear me now?, Double Fault and For a Good time, Call Kathy Blanchard


Tuesday, August 13th at 6:30pm

SPECIAL EVENT: Why New Media Publishing of Plays is Important: An Academic Perspective

Featuring: Past FringeNYC participants and other academic voices advocating the use of contemporary dramatic literature in the classroom. Meet, greet, discuss!


Thursday, August 15th at 6:30pm

Adventurous Writing - taking an audience on a journey!

Hear from artists of the ADVENTURE shows at FringeNYC as they discuss why their writers were captivated by ideas and places as diverse as South Africa's Soweto shanty town and the dusty rural back roads of Alabama. Why did they write these particular plays and take audiences on these particular journeys? 
ALABAMA BOUND and Ndebele Funeral.



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