FringeU 2010

In 2010 we took FringeU "off campus" with events co-sponsored by partners across New York City - each associated with a particular "staycation" group of shows. The LITERARY LANE shows (those based upon or inspired by published works) partnered with BORDERS, for example, to present this panel moderated by Martin Denton, of



Provided the opportunity for our audience to take a stroll down LITERARY LANE- where you'll always meet some very novel characters. This partnership included four very special events


Friday, 8/6 @ 6pm Borders - COLUMBUS CIRCLE
The Shops at Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle
In the Time Warner Center
1,9 to Columbus Circle
A,C to Columbus Circle
N, R to 57th St.

Special Kick Off Event with panel discussion
led by Martin Denton of
mynameisruth3382 richard33743
Sunday, 8/8 @ 2pm

Borders - 32nd & 2nd
576 Second Ave. (at 32nd St.)
NY, NY 10022
6 to 33rd St.

Meet the cast of


Tuesday, 8/10 @ 7pm Borders - PARK AVENUE
461 Park Ave (at 57th St)
NY, NY 10022
4,5 to 59th St.; N,R to 57th

Meet the cast of



Wednesday, 8/11 @ 5pm Borders - WALL STREET
100 Broadway (at Wall St.)
NY, NY 10005
2, 3, 4,5 to Wall St
A,C,E to Fulton
N,R to Rector                                       Meet the cast of



Tuesday, 8/17 @ 5pm Borders - PENN PLAZA
2 Penn Plaza (at 31st St) 
New York, NY 10121

Meet the casts of




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