FringeU 2006

Viewpoints, Web Marketing, Speed Painting, Film making and more comprised the variety of FringeU 2006. Click Read More for more information and to listen to the podcasts!


Monday, August 14th - VIEWPOINTS: Improvisation: A physical technique that builds stronger ensemble work
Donnie Mather, A Show of Force
Donnie Mather, an Associate of SITI Company and frequent instructor of both Viewpoints and Suzuki training for the last 7 years, will lead this unique movement improvisation with a specific focus on working with music. The workshop is designed for performers with experience in the Viewpoints training and for those curious. Come ready to move and wearing comfortable clothing.

Tuesday, August 15th - WEB MARKETING: How to do it without spending a dime
Taty, FringeNYC Volunteer Coordinator and webmaster
From the basics of how to create an effective website and how to get on top of the Google listings to how to reach the right audience for your publicity. Learn tricks of the trade and how to create an effective word of mouth online campaign. The class will be taught by Taty from the award winning SimplyTaty Designs, responsible for the most successful performers' site on the web (over 10 million hits in one year) and for web marketing campaigns for all kinds of sites, from recording companies to plastic artists.

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Wednesday, August 16th - SPEED PAINTING: FringeART at FringeU
Julie O'Baoghill, FringeAL FRESCO’s Speed Painting By JAO
JAO brings the thrill of speed painting to a 1.5 hour workshop. Through specifically designed mural painting exercises, JAO leads participants to use the whole body as a creative implement, access intuition in split seconds and let ideas run wild. With paint, brushes, sponges, giant paper and full protection suits participants will embark on an adventure of color, line, shape and imagination. We will experience several nanoseconds of brilliance, insight and innovation. Only the first 15 to register will be able to paint, so sign up now! This is a highly physical class yet participants can work at intensity levels fit to their comfort and ability.

Thursday, August 17th - FILMMAKERS: Filmmaking after FringeNYC
Brian Sloan, WTC View (Alumni ‘03)
Clay McLeod Chapman, The Pumpkin Pie Show (Alumni ‘97, ‘99, ‘01)
What is it really like to go from theater to film? Brian Sloan, currently releasing his full length film, WTC View, based on his play from FringeNYC 2003, and Clay McLeod Champan, who expanded a short story from his FringeNYC 2001 show, The Pumpkin Pie Show, into Late Bloomer, an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival, will share their experiences in filmmaking. Get the insiders scoop on the ins and outs of life after FringeNYC in film.

Friday, August 18th - MOVEMENT: Creating Character: Tools and Techniques
Leslie Felbain, Site-Seeing
Leslie Felbain, adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland and director of Site-Seeing, will play with how character is realized through choice of costumes and props, and explore techniques to investigate the soul and psychology of a character and how they are expressed physically, vocally, and rhythmically.

Monday, August 21st - DIVERSITY: FringeNYC Past and Present
Nancy Kim, Take On Me and The Non-Traditional Casting Project
As the largest multi-arts festival in the United States, FringeNYC showcases the vibrancy, innovation and diversity of off-off-Broadway. Nancy Kim will moderate a panel of FringeNYC 2006 participants and FringeNYC alumni, including Sam Younis of Browntown, Rodney To and Peter Kim of Sides, Christine Simpson of Take on Me, Dean Obeidallah of I Come in Peace, and Marc Goldsmith and Stephen Dutras of Danny Boy. The speakers will examine diversity at FringeNYC, bringing together artists of color and artists with disabilities from past and present FringeNYC productions to talk about developing their material; applying for and producing their shows; and their role in the FringeNYC Community.

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Tuesday, August 22nd - FUNDRAISING: Grantseeking for Individuals in the Arts
Luz Rodriguez, The Foundation Center
How can people involved in the arts find funding to complete a project, mount an exhibition, put on a performance, conduct research, or anything else arts-related? Grantseeking Basics for Individuals in the Arts, presented by The Foundation Center, will show you how to: Identify funders in the arts, Explore the option of fiscal sponsorship, and Create a step-by-step plan to find funding for your needs as an individual grantseeker.

Wednesday, August 23rd - CASTING: A How-To for Actors & Directors
Mary Crescenzo, Piece of Mind
Independent casting director and playwright for FringeNYC’s Piece of Mind, Mary Crescenzo, provides insight on casting a show or being cast in one. Directors will learn about cast breakdown, searching for actors, organizing sessions, running call backs, making choices, and asking the right questions. Actors will get tips on cold readings, what to bring, wear, and say, and the difference between stage and film auditions. Mary has taught seminars for actors and directors for SAG conservatories around the U.S., talent agencies, and in university settings. Actors are invited to bring photo/resume.

Thursday, August 24th - PHYSICAL COMEDY: Becoming a Clown and Using Physical Theater
Anna Zastrow, Breathe. . . Or You Can Die!
Christopher Lueck, i want to be MUSASHI
Come learn about the art of clown theater and check your brain at the door! 2006 FringeNYC performers Anna Zastrow and Christopher Lueck bring their diverse training and clown experience together to present a unique and fun workshop. We will develop a sense of play and of rhythm and explore the idea of truth in size using masks. Discover your own unique physicality and character – and potential ridiculousness, and, let’s not forget, the relationship with the audience. All are welcome, and the focus will be for beginners.


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