FringeJR 2008







Our FringeJR 2008 Selections are:
Gargoyle Gardenrecommended for ages 10 to 12Burgerboy ProductionsWriter: Book and Lyrics: Jeff LaGreca, Composer: B. Allen Schulz, Character Design: Charlie LaGrecaDirector: Jeff LaGreca, Music Director: Silas N. HuffChoreographer: /Movement: Jeff LaGrecaEdgar Allen Densmore is a weird, lonely little boy who has trouble fitting in at the Piedmont Private School. Spending his time alone up in the decaying rooftop garden, he one day receives a mysterious invitation to a strange and raucous moon-lit party! From the creators of the FringeNYC/Off-Bway hit, MiNiMUM WAGE!1h 0m Local Astoria NYCFringeJR
Lucila: a play for Gabriela Mistralrecommended for ages 10 to 12Me, You & Eli ProductionsWriter: Sylvia Ann Manning (SilviCol)Director: Joe Franchini and Leecia ManningLucila, 10, leaves her beloved mountain home to work at the Superior School for Girls. Trouble follows, but she's saved by love and her forest Queen of Truth. From a childhood story told by the Chilean Nobel Prize Laureate.1h 30m Local Seguin TexasFringeJR
A Silly Silverstein Showrecommended for ages 5 to 7 The One Little Did PlayersWriter: Shel Silverstein, Adapted by Jessica Marie Lorence, Music by Shel Silverstein and Pat DaleyDirector: Jessica Marie Lorence, Musical Direction by Luke SantyClimb THE GIVING TREE and roll along with THE MISSING PIECE as Shel Silverstein's silly and salient words spring to life with poems and puppetry, creating a playful celebration of life and love. Bring your whole family and your imagination! 0h 45m National Saratoga Springs New YorkFringeJR
STRANGE ATTRACTORrecommended for ages 8 to 10 Marco FrezzaWriter: Marco FrezzaDirector: Marco FrezzaA Theatrical Showcase of Magic and Mystery - Willy Wonka meets Hitchcock! Witness extraordinary phenomena! Partake in mindreading, teleporting, and other interactive feats with Marco, a Magic Man out to save the world... and the world beyond! 1h 0m Local Brooklyn NYCVaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque
Thumbelina: The Story of a Brave Little Girl recommended for ages 5 to 7 Elephant Ensemble TheaterWriter: Liza LentiniA re-invention of the beloved classic, Elephant Ensemble Theater’s Thumbelina portrays a smart and feisty little girl who remains brave through a tumultuous adventure that separates her from her mother.0h 35m Local Queens NYCFringeJR



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