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A 1940's Comedy of Errors
C.A.G.E. Theatre Company
Writer: Text by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Michael Hagins
Director: Michael Hagins
Choreographer: Michael Hagins
Come enjoy a living cartoon as Shakespeare meets slapstick in our version of the mismatched twins stuck in the mixed up town of Ephesus, and how mistaken identity turns into hilarity with love triumphant.
2h 0m Local Manhattan, NY
FringeHIGH Comedy
Theme: FLY Through the Pages

THU 21
@ 1:30

A Thousand Deaths
Core Creative Productions
Writer: Anthony P. Pennino
Director: Anthony P. Pennino
Adapted from the science-fiction short story by Jack London. On a remote island in the Pacific a scientist discovers a cure for death itself. Now he must test his discovery on one subject over and over and over again.
1h 0m Local Manhattan, NY
Drama FringeHIGH
Theme: No FLY Zone
SAT 23
@ 2:00


Come Cuddle Me
85 Stars Theatre
Writer: Coco Roberge
Human contact is complicated. Or is it? Alone onstage, one woman offers this playful journey from academic lecture, to Cuddle Party(TM), to the blur between theatre and intimacy...Where public and private meet, where soul-searching and science mingle.
0h 45m Local Brooklyn, NY
Solo Show FringeHIGH
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment@Come_Cuddle_Me

SUN 10 @ 12:30

Generation ME the Musical
Julie Soto, Will Finan, and Ryan Warren in Association with Flying Monkey Productions
Writer: Book and Lyrics by Julie Soto, Music by Will Finan, Story by Julie Soto and Ryan Warren
Director: Ryan Warren
At age 15, Milo Reynolds had it all: a seat at the popular table, a perfect girlfriend... So when he kills himself on Monday morning, his friends and family are left questioning everything they thought they knew about him.
2h 45m National Sacramento, California
FringeHIGH Musical/Opera
Theme: Look, Ma, I Can FLY
@ 2:30



I Am Not I
Writer: Laura Abbott
Director: Laura Abbott and Jordan Reiff
Choreographer: Kendra Slack
Jane Jimenez's quinceanera is approaching. She'd rather wear a tuxedo than her gown. How will her parents react when they discover she's not who they think she is? Dance and live music underscore one family's struggle to define identity.
2h 10m Local Manhattan, NY
Drama FringeHIGH
Theme: Let Your Freak Flag FLY
TUE 12
@ 2:00

Lady Parts
Playground Theatre Project
Writer: Becky Ellis and the Women of Playground Theatre Project
Director: Megan Sambataro Donovan
"Like you're totally cool before you saw my tits but now you forgot I have a personality too?" 8 teenage girls tell you no-holds-barred what it’s really like to be a woman in the 21st century.
0h 50m Local Freehold, NJ
FringeHIGH Drama
Theme: Look, Ma, I Can FLY
SUN 17
@ 8:30

My Personal Hell
Caraway Falls Production Company, Inc.
Writer: Jonathan O'Neill
Director: Jonathan O'Neill
To escape a fate worse than his own death, Tucker Tomkins must solve his own murder. Does he have the detective skills to rise to heaven or just a snowball's chance in Hell?
1h 40m Local The Bronx, NY
FringeHIGH Comedy
Theme: FLY on the Wall
SUN 17
@ 3:30



Natural Causes
Darknight Productions in Association with Runaway Theatre Company
Writer: Kevin Clancy
Director: George Domenick
After a hospital is isolated by Hurricane Katrina, a doctor is charged with murdering three patients. Experience the complex exploration of the moral dilemma that challenged the medical staff, and the district attorney in his search for justice.
1h 20m Local Bronx, NY
Drama FringeHIGH
Theme: No FLY Zone
SAT 23
@ 2:00


Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn
Writer: Marla Hirokawa, Music by Keith Hall, Craig Brann, Taki Rentaro, Harold Payne, Jake Shimabukuro
Director: n/a
Choreographer: Marla A. Hirokawa
It’s WWII and a Nisei, 2nd generation Japanese American soldier has to overcome bigotry displayed against him and his family by the very country he is fighting to protect. This legacy unfolds in a ballet of love, strength and honor.
1h 10m Local Brooklyn, NY
Dance FringeHIGH
Theme: Straighten Up and FLY Right
@ 3:30

No One Asked Me
Kate M. Ballen Inc.
Writer: Kate Ballen
Director: Matthew Newton
Illegal. No papers. They are not supposed to be here, yet for thousands of undocumented children, the U.S. is the only home they know. They face an uncertain future, fearing deportation. Based upon stories of "illegal" NYC students.
2h 10m Local Manhattan, NY
Drama FringeHIGH
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment
THU 14
@ 2:00


alt Skin In The Game
Writer: Anthony Joseph Giunta
Director:Anthony Joseph Giunta
Three underprivileged high school seniors compete for a full-ride university scholarship during an overseas event match - only to discover that the competition may result in at least one member of the group never returning home.
1h 40m National Philadelphia, PA
Drama Comedy
Theme: Let Your Freak Flag FLY

THU 14
@ 1:30

Tejas Luminous
Malini Srinivasan and Dancers
Choreographer: Malini Srinivasan
Her eyelid flickers, time stands still. Her ankle bells ring and time soars at lighting speed. With each movement of these Bharatanatyam dancers, journey through afternoon's liveliness, dusk's harmony, evening's rituals, night's passion, and morning's purity and renewal.
1h 20m Local Queens, NY
Dance FringeHIGH
Theme: Look, Ma, I Can FLY
SUN 24
@ 4:15

The Boston Tea Party Opera
MZJ Music
Writer: M. Zachary Johnson
Director: M. Zachary Johnson
Choreographer: Karen Gayle
New love blooms - and old loyalty dies, as Sam Adams leads a rebellion against an empire's high taxes, heavy-handedness and invasions of privacy. A mythic, modern version of the moment Americans discovered their identity as a people.
2h 15m Local Hoboken, New Jersey
Musical/Opera FringeHIGH
Theme: Straighten Up and FLY Right
WED 13
@ 4:15
  The Call of the Siren
Theatrical Gems
Writer: Jonathan G Galvez, Music by Anthony Serino and Alayna Whitten
Director: Trisha Arnold
Choreographer: Ashley DeLane Burger
By day, she’s a struggling dancer named Karla, by night, the vigilante hero The Night Siren. Inspired by true events in a story infused with dance, our hero is forced to redefine justice when a fellow dancer is killed.
2h 0m Local Linden, New Jersey
FringeHIGH Drama
Theme: SuperFLY
SUN 10
@ 2
Lucky Pelican in Association with Taylor Lane Ross
Writer: Michele Aldin Kushner
Director: Bruce "Master B" Baek
Two NYC Prep School teens grab the attention of the hottest boy in school by sexting him a boob shot. What starts as innocent fun snowballs into Page 6 headlines. Who is responsible when sexuality, technology and the legal system collide?
1h 40m Local Tri-State, Manalapan, New Jersey
Drama FringeHIGH
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment
MON 18
@ 3:45


The Van Meder Trust
The All Stories Theater Company
Writer: Beth Danesco
Director: Beth Danesco
Two women- one African American, one white South African - are determined to help their thirteen year old niece rise above the problems coming at her from both sides of her family.
2h 0m National Foxboro, Massachusetts
FringeHIGH Drama
Theme: A FLY in the Ointment
FRI 15
@ 9:15

The Warrior and The Princess
Blue Moose
Writer: Shirley Van Sanden
Director: Monica Main
World War 2: A chance meeting between a child refugee and a Japanese diplomat leads to a lifeline for thousands. Innovative theatre blending performance, shadow play, puppetry and live piano. From Australia, a story of hope inspired by true events.
1h 10m International Perth, Australia
Drama FringeHIGH
Theme: Straighten Up and FLY Right
SUN 17
@ 4:30

This is Where We Live
Paperbark Theatre Company
Writer: Vivienne Walshe
Director: Alec Fellows-Bennett
US premiere, winner of the 2012 Griffin Award. Two teenagers collide like a modern day Orpheus and Eurydice in a dead-end Australian town. A dark, moving comedy infused with the rhythm of beat poetry.
1h 0m International Sydney, Australia
Drama FringeHIGH
Theme: Look, Ma, I Can FLY
MON 18
@ 4:15


Twelfth Night
Essential Theatre Group
Writer: Text by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Tony Lance, Music by Conly Basham
Director: Tony Lance
Classic comedy of shipwrecked siblings and the hilarity that ensues reimagined as a folk musical. Featuring on-stage instrumentation and ten original songs inspired by Shakespeare's text, this production breathes life into a familiar journey through mistaken identities and gender-confused courtships.
1h 45m Local Manhattan, NY
FringeHIGH Musical/Opera
Theme: FLY Through the Pages
FRI 22
@ 2:00




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