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22 Stories
Kelfia Productions
Writer: Sofia Johnson
Director: Anna Foss Wilson
17-year-old twins Nicole (Stuyvesant scholar control freak) and Natasha (rebellious artist actual freak) co-exist precariously. Then Natasha jumps from their roof. Can Nicole find a place in a world where her identity and her heart are torn in half?
0h 45m Local Brooklyn, New York
Drama FringeHIGH

WED 17 @ 5:45


Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!
Writer: Jay Alvarez
Director: Theresa Gambacorta
With only the clothes on their backs and hope in their hearts, they fled to America. Longing for a better life, Jay's father plots and executes the escape of 28 people from Cuba under the cover of a moonless night.
1h 5m Local New York, New York
Drama FringeHIGH

SAT 20 @ 2:00


Broken Box Mime Presents Words Don't Work
Broken Box Mime Theater
Writer: The Broken Box
SILENCE IS AWESOME! Discover Broken Box Mime Theater: New York’s hippest, sexiest, most surprising NEW performance group, telling original short stories entirely through movement and set to contemporary music. From slapstick to tear-jerk, we are NOT your average mimes.
1h 30m Local Manhattan, New York
Performance Art FringeHIGH

THU 25 @ 2:00


Delphine Brooker
Writer: Delphine Brooker
Director: Doug Curtis and Heather Moore
“Just arrived in Budapest, but I’m not Hungary!” From Edmonton, Alberta, this one woman comedic drama enters the mind warp of an adventure-seeking anorexic 18 year old in Europe. “…amazing piece of theater …” (Edmonton Sun) “… riveting show …” (Edmonton Journal)
International Edmonton, Canada,
Solo Show FringeHIGH

SAT 13 @ 1:45


Crawling with Monsters
The Sleepy Border Town Insomniacs
Writer: Anonymous
A university doing a children's show ends up embroiled in a war-zone on the Mexico-Texas border. Secretly-recorded interviews, desperate messages to the world and hidden identities reveal the human cost of drug wars. Please don't "just say no".
1h 30m International Edinburg, Texas, Reynosa, Mexico
FringeHIGH Multi-Media

MON 22 @ 5:00


Dancing In The Garden
The Festival Theatre Company in Association with Paul Gregory and Gary Verrill
Writer: Michael Walker
Maria is desperately in love with God, Father Mike, and her Papa. When she kisses Susan Blakeman in the music room at St. Patrick's High, her heart explodes and her life unravels until she learns to dance in the garden.
2h 0m National Sutton, Massachusetts
Drama FringeHIGH

WED 17 @ 5:45


Rizzo 39 Productions
Writer: John Paul Karliak
Director: Tiger Reel, Matthew Craig. Musical Direction: Billy Thompson, DJ ChocliXxX
The award-winning (UNITED SOLO Theatre Festival) one-man comedy about an adopted son and two mothers: the doting Catholic homemaker and the fashionista wife of a British pop star! Sometimes you have to meet a "Material Girl" to appreciate "America's Sweetheart."
1h 25m National Los Angeles, California
Solo Show FringeHIGH

THU 25 @ 7:00


facebook me
The Arts Effect
Writer: Created by The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company, Script by Katie Cappiello
Director: Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney
6 MILLION teenage girls are on Facebook. Get ready for a shockingly real look into our lives as we navigate our adolescence online...where status is more than an update. It's 10pm. Do you know who your daughter is?
1h 30m Local New York, New York
Drama FringeHIGH

SUN 28 @ 2:45


BAMA Theatre Company
Writer: William Shakespeare
Director: Greg Foro, Assistant Director: Sarah Walker Thornton
After The Wall Street Journal named BTC a "Favorite of Last Summer", they're BACK with Shakespeare's most renowned tragedy. With 8 actors, 19 characters and 1 trunk this dynamic company puts a new twist on this classic story. Revenge never tasted so good.
2h 20m Local Manhattan, New York
Drama FringeHIGH

SAT 13 @ 6:00

Writer: Karmia Chan Cao
Director: Karmia Chan Cao
Choreographer: Alisha Mitchell
Pawn follows Abraham Niu, an Asian-Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, into the darkest night of his life. This groundbreaking folk-rock musical unlocks an urgent discourse on the post-9/11 decade through the keyhole of one family's loss and unrelenting hope
2h 30m   National   Stanford, California   
Musical   FringeHIGH
SUN 28 @ 3


PigPen Presents: The Mountain Song
PigPen Theatre Co.
Writer: Alex Falberg, Arya Shahi, Ben Ferguson, Curtis Gillen, Dan Weschler, Matt Nuernberger, Ryan Melia
2010 FringeNYC Overall Excellence winners and runaway hit PigPen Theatre Co. return with "The Mountain Song". A carpenter must travel over mountains, rivers, and deserts to attend his daughter’s wedding… without a clue as to where it's taking place.
1h 0m National Pittsburgh, PA
Puppetry FringeHIGH



Poe-Dunk - A Matchbox Entertainment
Playlab NYC
Writer: Kevin P. Hale
Director: John Pieza
Beyond the tales of terror! On a tabletop lies the quaint and curious work of Edgar Allan Poe. Newspaperman. Playwright. Critic. Humorist. An itty-bitty repertoire of obscure curios, marginalia, and even a couple popular classics from America's most versatile writer.
1h 0m Local Astoria, New York
Puppetry FringeHIGH

SUN 14 @ 5:00


Writer: Leslie Collins
Director: Erick Devine
It’s 8th grade Jesus freaks, gay kids and school outcasts, as Shannon Boner (pronounced BAH-ner, ya’ll!) and her friends attempt Miss Jr. Poteet. She’ll try anything to bring her mama home from the road! Ya’ll come!
0h 52m Local Queens, NY
Comedy FringeHIGH

SAT 27 @ 4:15


Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Ending
The Impressionable Players
Writer: Ann and Shawn Fraistat (and William Shakespeare)
Director: Ann Fraistat
Should Romeo pursue Juliet or Rosaline? Will the lovers live happily ever after? It’s up to you to decide. The audience’s vote determines how the play unfolds each night! Winner of Best Comedy/Best Overall Show of Capital Fringe Festival 2010!
1h 30m National Washington, DC
Comedy FringeHIGH

THU 18 @ 7:30


When the Sky Breaks 3D
Director: Jennifer Weber
Choreographer: Decadancetheatre
Rock 3D glasses and watch old-school hip-hop meet cutting-edge, 3D technology in this explosive dance performance. Featuring a DJ, VJ and an international cast, Decadancetheatre continues to be, “the pioneering all-female hip-hop crew” (The New Yorker).
1h 0m Local Brooklyn, New York
Dance FringeHIGH

SUN 21 @ 2:45


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