FringeAL FRESCO 2007


FringeAL FRESCO Stage at FringeCENTRAL


Although in prior years we've held FringeAL FRESCO events in the parks and on the streets, this year's lovely FringeCENTRAL featured a patio, which we turned into our outdoor stage!

The FringeAL FRESCO team also presented the Opening Ceremony, which wasn't quite "Al Fresco" due to the rain, but it was festive and attended by many participants, as well as audience members. The Opening Ceremonies included Martin Denton from The New York Theatre Experience's presentation of his extraordinary "How to FringeNYC" interspersed with handing out door prizes, FringeART and FringeNYTEASERS and some shenanigans from MINIMUM WAGE'S Brothers LaGreca.
  Jeff and Charlie LaGreca co-host Opening Ceremonies




Once again, FringeNYTeasers provided our audience (and passers-by!) an opportunity to enjoy snippets of what the festival has to offer. 190 shows in only 16 days = decisions, decisions, decisions. FringeNYTeasers are 5-minute previews of FringeNYC performances specially designed to give our audience a taste of what's to come. Performed for free at FringeCENTRAL, FringeNYTEASERS are a valuable aid in deciphering all that the festival has to offer. Think of it like sample day at the grocery store, without the ladies in hairnets.

PLUS, with our location on Carmine & Varick Streets, we added LUNCHTIME FringeNYTEASERSat FringeCENTRAL to woo some of the many professionals working in the buildings surrounding us to check out FringeNYC!




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