Awards 2008

FringeNYC Overall Excellence Awards ‘08


Outstanding Play:

The Umbrella Plays


Sailor Man

Too Much Memory


Outstanding Musical:

China - The Whole Enchilada

Perez Hilton Saves the Universe...



Outstanding Playwrighting:

Montserrat Mendez -Thoroughly Stupid Things...

Paul Cohen - Mourn the Living Hector

Suzie Miller - Reasonable Doubt

Halley Bondy - The Redheaded Man


Outstanding Music & Lyrics:

Julie Nichols, Lames Asmus & Andrew Hobgood - Love is Dead


Outstanding Solo Show:

Krapp, 39


Blanche Survives Katrina...



Outstanding Direction:

Bill Oliver -The Alice Complex

Heather Cohen - Other Bodies

Nell Balaban - The Boy in the Basement

Jon Levin - There Will Come Soft Rains


Outstanding Costume Design:

Gem! A Truly Outrageous Parody! - Angela Harner

The Fabulous Kane Sisters... - Jennifer Kirschman

Charlie LaGreca - The Gargoyle Garden


Outstanding Lighting Design:

Teresa Hull - The Permanent Night


Outstanding Actor:

Molly Bell - Becoming Britney

Hogan Gorman - Hot Cripple

Movin Melvin Brown - A Man, A Magic, A Music

Deborah Weston - See How Beautiful I Am

Will Manning - Choke City & Revolution on the Roof


Outstanding Ensemble:

Keep Your Eyes Open

Gem! A Truly Outrageous Parody!

Paper Dolls


Outstanding Set Design:

Tania Bijlani - The Alice Complex


Outstanding Choreography:

Lizzie Leopold - Green Eyes


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