Awards 2005

FringeNYC Overall Excellence Awards ‘05

Outstanding Play:
The Lightning Field
God’s Waiting Room
Go-Go Kitty, GO!

Outstanding Musical:
Silence! The Musical
Fleet Week: The Musical

Outstanding Playwrighting:
Katherine Knowles - Magician
Robin Maguire - Aquarium
Martin Casella - The Irish Curse
Robert Moulthrop - Half Life

Outstanding MultiMedia:
Movie Geek

Outstanding Music & Lyrics:
Paul Foglino  - Hercules in High Suburbia
Dante Russo (Lyrics)/David F.M. Vaughn (Music)  - Extraordinary

Outstanding Solo Show:
The Miss Education of Jenna Bush
Bridezilla Strikes Back
Jesus in Montana
Surviving David

Outstanding Direction:
Scott Ebersold - The Silent Concerto

Outstanding Costme Design:
Kerith Wolf - Marlowe

Outstanding Sound Design:
Mark Huang - Go-Go Kitty, GO!

Outstanding Set Design:
Nicholas Vaughan - The Silent Concerto

Outstanding Actor:
Jennifer Gibbs - Edna St. Vincent Millay Speaks to the Committee on Immorality
James Murray Jackson, Jr. - Unspeakable: Richard Pryor Live & Uncensored
Rick Bland - Thick
Doug Kreeger - Swimming Upstream

Outstanding Ensemble:
Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies
Weddings of Mass Destruction

Outstanding Fight Direction:
Michael G. Chin - The Lizards

Outstanding Choreography:
Regina Nejman - The Velocity of Things
Nina Hein - Icarus


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