Awards 2007

FringeNYC Overall Excellence Awards ‘07

Outstanding Play:
Lights Rise on Grace
I Dig Doug
Catch The Fish

Outstanding Musical:
Piaf: Love Conquers All

Outstanding Playwrighting:
Mac Rogers - Hail Satan
Corey Patrick - Bombs in Your Mouth
Sara Jeanne Asselin - The Rise And Fall of Miles and Milo

Outstanding Music & Lyrics:
Kurt Gellersted & Brooke Fox - Williamsburg! The Musical
Kevin So - Victor Woo: The Average Asian American

Outstanding Solo Show:
Bent to the Flame: A Night With Tennessee Williams
Paper Son 

Outstanding Direction:

Jessica Beck - All Alone
Emily Fishbaine - Dressing Miss Julie
Jon Lawrence Rivera - Hillary Agonistes

Outstanding Costume Design:
Anne Aberjonois - Show Choir, The Musical
Meganne George - John Goldfarb, Please Come Home

Outstanding Lighting Design:
Seth Reiser - The End

Outstanding Actor:
Siobhan Donnellan - Married to the Sea
Gardi Hutter - Joan of ARPpO
Mary Theresa Archbold - Jazz Hand: Tales of a One-Armed Woman
Christopher Domig - Dirt

Outstanding Ensemble:
Naked in a Fishbowl

PRODUCERS AWARDS - Kindness in Chaos:
This first group has already gone home, but not before they completely won the hearts of the entire staff. We all know what it takes to get here, and how hard it is to make theatre in this town. But this group went to extraordinary lengths – and then had the time of their lives while they were here and left saying “thanks for the opportunity”. Pretty amazing coming from 15 people who drove from Ellston, Iowa in ONE RV and then stayed at the Holland Tunnel Motor Lodge. Their dedication and enthusiasm is extraordinary, and I’m so proud to have gotten the chance to hang out with them and to help them load the tractor and hay bales back into the trailer as they left town. Our first producers award goes to FARMER SONG.

In the middle of their lunchtime teaser at FringeCENTRAL, this group's CD began to skip on them, and everyone in the crowd was having such a good time listening to them that we all began to whoop and holler. One of them spontaneously screamed “Let’s just do it, Man!” and they picked up exactly where they left off and rocked it out a capella. It was an amazing thing to witness – and I’m so glad I was hanging on the fence like so many others. In fact, they stopped traffic on all four corners at Varick and Carmine. Later I heard reports that they were singing in Washington Square Park as well, so the second producers award goes to ANGST: THE NEW TEEN MUSICAL.

The last group gets a special producers award for helping out one of my best friends. He’s an amazing guy that is mostly responsible for anything that has ever been said about us in the press – or at least the good stuff. And on a really bad day when a group came to drop off their press release or postcard to Ron Lasko, and he told them he needed help, this company said “Well, we can stay an help” and came back on several other occasions. So our final producer’s award goes to the company of DOES THE BODY GOOD.


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