FringeNYC 2012

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FringeNYC 2012
August 10 - 26 

Neither rain (20” to be exact), nor earthquake (really? In NYC?), nor Hurricane Irene…..WE’RE BACK! On behalf of the volunteers, artists, and volunteer staff of FringeNYC it gives us tremendous pleasure to invite you to the Sixteenth Annual NewYork International Fringe Festival.

When FringeNYC 2011 (or “Disaster Fest”, as we’ve come to call it) nearly became our last we learned two important things: 1)We have wonderful audience members and artists who love this festival and will help us make sure it survives and #2) We should ALWAYS act like it’s our last festival – ‘cause who knows?

SO, rather than dwell on the past - we shifted our focus.This year we’re upping the ante, putting it all on the table and GOING ALL IN! We’re bringing you MORE free events (many of them are a part of FringeAL FRESCO – we laugh at the rain!) as well as FringeU, FringeJR, FringeHIGH, FringeART and FringeCLUB. Let us entice you away from those little screens that are shrinking your world (but not always in a good way). Your couch is making you small. . . SHIFT [YOUR] FOCUS at FringeNYC.

Come to FringeCENTRAL (8th Street just off 5th Avenue) and meet the artists, see some FringeNYTeasers, and get your tickets for just $15 (no convenience charge). Come to FringeAL FRESCO and get your photo taken on our enormous yellow couch! Bring the kids to Fort FringeJR, enjoy a talkback following a FringeHIGH show, get energized at a FringeU discussion, and hang out at FringeCLUB and catch the Variety Power Hour.

And most of all, take advantage of the opportunity to see some of the world’s best and brightest indie theatre artists and hear what these extraordinary playwrights, composers, choreographers, directors and performers have to say. These 187 shows cannot be downloaded, streamed, or digitized. . . they can only be shared . . . LIVE ON STAGE.

We’re SO excited for you to see them and SHIFT [YOUR] FOCUS.

Welcome to FringeNYC 2012!

Elena K. Holy
Producing Artistic Director


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