FringeNYC 2009


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FringeNYC 2009

August 14 – 30


Who couldn’t use a vacation right about now? But for some of us, that’s not happening this year. Luckily, a lot of you reading this live in or near the best city in the world! And in August, NYC comes together and throws a really big party known as The New York International Fringe Festival. This year we’ve invited the best and brightest artists and shows – and local venues, vendors, and organizations are helping to dial it up a notch to make our stay as comfortable as possible.

You can go to and PLAN YOUR STAYCATION – choose an adventure that’s just right for you –

Absurdly Surrealist Dream
Action Adventure Flick
Battleground Tour
Celeb-Reality TV in Hollywood
Cross Country
Culinary Capers
Down South & Out West
Down the Aisle
“Dude” Ranch
Family Vacation
Fantasy Island Excursion
Haunted House
In Someone Else’s Shoes
“Lingerie and DVD” Store
Literary Lane
My NYC Story
Outer Space Zombie Adventure
Overseas Adventure
Ride the Rollercoaster of Love
Rock and Roll Rebellion
Spa Getaway (Mind & Body)
Summer Camp(y)
Through Heaven & Hell
Time Traveler
To the Zoo
Trains, Planes … and public bathrooms
Wall Street Walking Tour
Working Vacation

Through these 201 shows you can take a trip unlike any other – at only $15 per ticket. And FringeCENTRAL is your boutique hotel! Drop by to visit the concierge desk, see a preview of a FringeNYC show, peruse the postcards, or just visit the FringeCAFE to get something to eat and chat with artists and other audience members.

Welcome to FringeNYC – “New York’s Best Staycation”.



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