FringeNYC 2008


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FringeNYC 2008

August 8 – 24


Please allow me to introduce “Tadaaaaaaa!”, our FringeNYC 2008 mascot featured on the cover of this program guide. You’ll see him popping up all over The New York International Fringe Festival from August 8th – 24th. Sometimes he’ll have information for you . . . sometimes he’ll point you in the right direction . . . sometimes he’ll be there just to try to make you laugh. To us, he represents The New York International Fringe Festival very well: He is presenting something big and important that he is obviously very proud of, even though it is handmade and a little bit on the scrappy side. He is very much twelve years old. He could be singing, dancing, acting, directing, designing, attending, of volunteering – but he is always waving as if to say “come on over – look what we did!”. And that smile lights up our hearts – not a broad grin or a perfectly symmetrical curve, but a bit turned up in one corner as if he has a little secret and is biting his lip ‘cause he just…cannot…wait…to share it. And that’s what FringeNYC is – an opportunity for us to share and extraordinary secret adventure and introduce you to some of the talented and charming folks we’ve met along the way (and maybe throw in a little bit of four-fingered jazz hands). We’re all wide-eyed and waiting. Won’t you come join us?


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