FringeNYC 2007


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FringeNYC 2007

August 10 – 26


This is FringeNYC – a beautiful cacophony put together from a lot of little pieces – all very different, but somehow working perfectly together to create a wonderful megaphone. They are New York’s best, freely giving of their time and energy and together giving a much larger voice to artists from all over the world. This festival really DOES take a village! Whether they’re a Vendor Partner, Volunteer, Venue, Staffer, or Artist, this festival is comprised of a lot of wonderful people stepping up and saying “What can I do to help? What can I do to make the best festival possible for New Yorkers – the hardest working people on the planet.”

And together they are amplifying many different voices and stories. Just like the title of the illustration on the cover of this guide, we’ve invited these artists to TELL THEIR STORY / BE HEARD, and they have all come together to share with this city. They’re an important part of FringeNYC’s story, too.

And so are you! Without you, our audience, on the other end of the Rube Goldberg-esque creation that IS FringeNYC, our stories wouldn’t have a home. So we thank you, so much, for being a part of this. We hope you’ll enjoy as much of FringeNYC as you can!

And since some of FringeNYC’s most important parts have, themselves, gotten some varied new parts over this past year – this one is for Hy, Ken, and Tony. We couldn’t do this without you guys,

Here’s to our many important parts, and the crucial part each one plays –






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