FringeNYC 2005


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FringeNYC 2005

August 12 – 28


Welcome to FringeNYC 2005! I’d like for you to meet some friends of mine . . . about four thousand of them! That’s the number of artists and volunteers that gather every year for the New York International Fringe Festival. And then there are the 60,000 of you! And that’s where the magic of FringeNYC happens—when you join us in August and complete the picture. We nurture these ideas and words and songs and scenes all year, and when you arrive the flower blooms—right in the middle of this wonderful city.

A friend of mine gave me a copy of this O’Shaughnessy not too long ago. It’s an old poem, but it reminded me so much of right now . . . this place, and this time. I think it has a lot to say about all of us.

We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by the lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by the desolate streams.
World-kiers and world-forsakers,
Upon whom the pale moon gleams.
Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world’s greatest cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire’s glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song’s measure
Can trample an empire down.

We, in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing
And Babel itself with our mirth;
And o’erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world’s worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

--Arthur O’Shaughnessy

Welcome to New York’s own International Fringe Festival.

Elena K. Holy
Producing Artistic Director



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