FringeNYC 2000


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FringeNYC 2000

August 16 – 27


Hey. Why are you reading these words? All around you rages a nonstop cultural marathon. Put down the guide for a second and glance around casually. That guy? See that guy? Looks like a waiter, maybe a drug-dealer? Last night that guy wrote the most beautiful poem written since Dante. Wrote it in his studio just around the corner from here. See the woman behind him? Not her, the older woman, see her? She is huge in Berlin. Underground film circuit. Legend. The other woman is a director. She’s good, but she’s still learning her chops. Put the guide down again and turn directly behind you. Wait. Don’t do it yet. Wait. Directly behind you is the most fearless, hilarious, heartbreaking actress currently working in America. Now. Turn now. Ah. Missed her. Sorry. Read the guide for awhile, she’ll be back. She’s part of a nonstop cultural marathon raging all around you. She’ll be back.

She him? See her? See them? They are crazy, don’t hang around them, but see them? Now they are amazing. They’re doing things they haven’t invented a word for yet. They used to call it theater or dance or storytelling or spoken word or stand-up or sketch or ritual comedy or tragedy or something, but those guys are doing it all at the same time and they’re doing bits of that one and parts of the other so it’s actually something you’ll recognize at first but then when you sit in a room with it for awhile you’re not so sure. It’s very good, you can tell that, but what will you tell people when they ask what you saw? You could tell them it was just one part of this nonstop cultural marathon you found yourself in the middle of and they might leave it at that.

And hey. Maybe you’re alone. Reading this alone. Look down at your hands. See those hands? Those are the hands of the most extraordinary sculptor/painter/drawer/writer/director/choreographer/singer/dancer/artist/artist/artist of them all. What those hands can do… well, there just aren’t any words. Those hands are holding out a baton and reaching for another in a nonstop cultural marathon that is raging, raging all around us.

The actress is back. Turn around. See her? Look all around you. FringeNYC is back in town…


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