FringeNYC 2015



We are all makers. We make love, make money, make time, make noise, make war, make our way, make appointments, make a sandwich, make plans, make history, make music, make the bed, make progress, make coffee, make sense, make remarks, make mistakes, make a train, and every so often (if we’re lucky) we get to make utter fools of ourselves – and make someone laugh.

Every day each of us makes decisions about all of the above. What is important to us? What makes us happy? How do we make our place in the world? We all have to make choices.

At FringeNYC, over the past twenty years, we’ve had many decisions to make about the future of this festival.
What do we want to make?
How do we want to make it?
What makes FringeNYC special?
And at every turn, we’ve come to the same conclusion.

What makes FringeNYC special is YOU.

I know that we have extraordinary artists making amazing things happen with limited resources all over the place for sixteen days. They make magic. And I know that we’re making the most amazing festival we can bloom like a flower in downtown Manhattan each year. But the most important part doesn’t really happen until you arrive.

You see, together, at FringeNYC, we make MOMENTS. They’re fleeting, extraordinary, unforgettable, and beautiful - and they cannot happen until YOU enter the theatre and the lights go down.

Thank you, for being here to make these moments.



Elena K. Holy, Producing Artistic Director


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